Bad Parking Types

There are several different types of bad parking

Can’t Park

cant park

This type of parker can’t aim properly in the space, or have an ‘it will do’ attitude to parking. Thankfully they aren’t usually brain surgeons.


Won’t Park

wont park

These guys want two spaces. Often parked straight along the line. Usually an expensive car and usually claiming they are trying to keep everyone away from their car. More infuriating when they take a space near the door, with the attitude that people with cheaper cars don’t deserve to park at that end of the car park. They don’t realise that people, who have walked the full length of the car park in the rain, clutching their car key, may not be satisfied with a photograph of their parking.

It can be hard to tell Can’t Park from Won’t Park, but usually their straightness in the space gives a clue


Selfish Parker

selfish park

Idiots do really park this way. No idea what goes through their head, other than a breeze.


Taxi to the Kerb

taxi to kerb

This can range from a few feet to the width of the car, often making the car look abandoned rather than parked.


Pavement Parking


Pavements are for people.  Some of these parkers do not leave enough width to get past with a baby buggy or a wheel chair, forcing users on to the road.


Selfish Parker on the Street

selfish 2

When there are two spaces available, between markings on the road, street furniture or other parked cars, this type of parker will park in the middle of the two spaces.


On Yellow Lines

on yellows

This type of parker doesn’t care about road markings. They will park on double yellow lines, they will park on the zigzag of a crossing or outside a school. Some will even park on the crossing itself. These areas are marked off for a reason, to increase visibility or to keep the flow of traffic clear.


Idiot Parker


Not enough space to park.  These people make their own space, regardless of how it impacts others.  They will double park or park sideways in a space, half on the pavement.