Welcome to Badly Parked Cars.

This site is dedicated to shaming anyone who is selfish and park like an idiot.

If you see someone taking multiple spaces in the car park, parking on yellow lines, blocking pavements or any other car related stupidity, take a photograph and send it in.

Why start a bad parking site?

Well, one Christmas, I tried parking near the local train station to pick up a friend. The train station is joined on to the local shopping centre, so was difficult to get a space. After driving round for 15 minutes and eventually getting one, I walked to the exit when I noticed a badly parked car. It was sitting in two spaces right at the lifts taking up two spaces at a time when parking is very hard to find. I left a note on their windscreen saying “TW*T” (choose your own vowel).
Afterwards, I thought it would have been nice to get a picture of that car and stick it up for all to see.

So get snapping everyone. Go take snaps of all those cars that annoy you. The ones parked sideways in spaces. The sports car in a disabled spot (with no badge).